Squat death

No training update yesterday as I was afflicted with the condition that I have now termed ‘squat-death’:

Squat death: general fatigue resulting in an inability to move out of a horizontal position and vastly increased appetite, generally involves sustained moderate pain, aching and headache.

It seems every time I lift in kit I am out of action for at least the next few hours, and sometimes into the next day. Yesterday I was meant to go into uni in the afternoon after training to do some group work but I felt physically incapable of cycling or walking there, so walked to go and get the bus to find that buses don’t go on sunday, walked home and gave up. Spent the whole afternoon and evening on the sofa, eating more than normal and feeling generally sorry for myself.

Wore a slightly tighter squat suit in training which seemed to work better for me. Warmed up gradually to 105kg with straps down, then attempted 110kg again without straps but unfortunately failed it. I just do what my coach says but generally around 100kg we’ve been thinking about putting straps up and getting the belt on, so I tried it again with straps and belt and got it easy. Eventually went up to 115kg, a personal best. Not sure if it was to depth though, but definitely felt like it! Finished the session with several 3 rep sets at 105 and 107.5. Not many reps in total, but a tiring session.

Worked with another girl who was trying kit for the first time, and we both put wraps on each other, at our coach’s suggestion. It sort of turned into a friendly competition to see who could get the other’s wrap tighter, which was definitely beneficial when it came to the squats, but very painful. On my last set I even shed a little tear.

Next time I’m in kit I need to remember to keep my trousers nearby when I ask people to help me get out of my suit. Slightly awkward waddle to the changing room in my pants, luckily the majority of people had gone home by then! Whoops!


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