Sunday in the dungeon 2

Such a beautiful day here in Bournemouth today, didn’t even need wear a coat while cycling to training for the first time in months and it was glorious.
Squats in the dungeon this morning, did singles and doubles from 90 up to 115kg which all went up easy. Then a massive PB of 117.5kg, which may or may not be to depth, but that’s for you to decide from the video! (Trained referees present reckon 2 to 1 vote either way). More to come for sure, my body is getting used to the massive stress of kit-lifting, I’m not even suffering from squat-death too much this afternoon. I’ve also found a guy who does wraps very gently but still gets them really tight, a gift from the heavens!
Finished the session with 5 at 90kg which were all deep and easy, then 2 at 100kg. Had aimed for 4 but my back said no. Chiro on friday put kinesio tape on my lower back which seems to have worked miracles in the last few days, but heavy squats seem to have set it off again a little.
Spent this afternoon in the garden with my housemates, a very pleasant afternoon in the sun chatting and chilling. Couldn’t ask for a better sunday really!


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