Mega bench

Left my phone in the back of my coach’s car last night so had no way of setting an alarm this morning. Got 11 hours sleep, probably more than I needed but I doubt it’s done me any harm.
Training tonight worked me hard. Started with a little weight lifting, some cleans, front squats, back squats, presses and jerks to get me sweating and loosened up after last night’s deadlifts. Definitely got me nice and hot!
Next warmed up on the bench, and started with my 6 sets of 4 reps. Went 45, 47.5, 45, 47.5. First 47.5 was a mission, but was given the tip to keep my breath in until the bar is half way up, and the second 47.5 set went up a lot easier. Next set was 50 x1 quickly followed by 45 x 3, then 52.5 for one, followed by 47.5 for one, 45 for one then 40 to failure. Tough!
Finished the session with some work in a bench shirt, a lot looser than other shirts I’ve tried but seems to fit me a lot better. Got 50kg down onto my chest on first try, shirt working better for me already at this stage. Went 60, 65 then a PB paused 70kg as seen in the video above. Couldn’t be happier, considering how easy it was, how new I am to the bench shirt, and how hard I’d already worked.

Feeling a bit podgy at the moment, we shall see what the scale says tomorrow though! May have taken my increased carb diet a little overboard, but at least my training hasn’t suffered. Going to southampton for pancake day on tuesday, then after that I’m going to nip my carbs in a little bit and really make an effort to do my fasted walking in the morning. Then 2-3 weeks before comp switch back to the high-fat and hopefully drop back into my weight class!
Feeling frustrated that in November my end of day weight was 53kg with a similar diet and exercise routine to now. Obviously I have a lot more muscle now but I wonder what I was doing differently then because I really can’t pinpoint it!


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