Bikram yoga this morning was more uncomfortable than my first session. I think because I remembered my first session not being too bad, I didn’t mentally prepare myself as well as I did before my first session, where I expected it to be horrendous. It took me about 30-40 minutes to relax into it and concentrate on the poses rather than wanting to leave, but when I did get into it it worked me hard and left me feeling invigorated. 

I think I sweated more in this session, I had sweat in my eyes and mouth and it was just everywhere. I took a larger bottle of water in with me but there’s so little time available to drink I didn’t get through all of it, like I felt I needed to. I’ve stayed hydrated for the rest of the day though, so no harm there. The sweating is seeming to have a lovely effect on my skin, in the few hours afterwards the pores on my face are a lot less noticeable and my skin looks smooth, clean and glowing. Hopefully if I keep up the sessions twice a week I’ll see some more sustained differences.

Jujitsu this evening was insane. A short warm-up, a 5-minute continuous roll, and then 50 minutes of rolling with 1 minute breaks in between bouts. I don’t think I’ve ever sweated so much in one day, my shirt was soaked through and I was literally steaming. I’m finally starting to piece things together and be able to see opportunities for submissions, which is a nice confidence boost. I held my own against much much larger guys, my main difficulty being when they get into mount, but I was able to resist a multitude of submission attempts (though I did tap out a few times). I didn’t manage to get any submissions myself but I think within a few months I might stand a chance!


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