Adventures in Carb Backloading #2

So I have successfully completed the 10 day induction phase of Kiefer’s carb backloading (CBL) with no trouble at all really. I realised early on that when I’d previously been following a keto-ish diet I’d been eating too large meals too often, relying on green veg and salad to fill me up rather than fats to satiate, often leaving my belly a bit growly!

As CBL relies on pushing the bulk of calories to later in the day around training, I’ve made an effort to reduce the number of pre-training meals from 5-6 to just 4 smaller more ‘compact’ meals. Having previously abused the high-fat side of keto and ended up putting on weight, I’ve been hesitant with fats before, but in this last week I’ve really appreciated their necessity in maintaining satiety and energy levels and worked on finding just the right amount for me. Had a few days of low-carb fog toward the beginning but it’s been plain sailing from there!

I’ve really enjoyed my last 10 days of food and haven’t found myself ravenous by meal times which is a nice change. I’ve made friends with sausages and cheese and it’s been glorious. I only occasionally found myself looking forward to the CBL phase, and just in a greedy way, not in an ‘oh my god my body needs carbs now!” kind of way as I’d anticipated.

CBL day came around and I’d lost 4lb (measuring in lb as per the book) having gone down to 112lb (50.8kg, my lightest in ages!). According to the book this would warrant a backload of 360g carbs for a man doing high volume training. As a woman doing not-that-high volume training I am going to start on 200-250g and see how this works out for me. I am also going to go back on creatine, so have a feeling I won’t like the number on the scale for a little while!

I’ve got quite good at eyeballing my weight from the definition (or lack of) on my midsection, so I should be able to roughly see where I’m at and ignore my actual weight as I’ll be holding some water from the creatine.

Despite my lack of carbs in the last 10 days I’ve still felt quite strong and training has been going really well. My new squat suit and wraps are a dream, and working on my technique has really paid off. I have a video of my improved technique to put up with a comparison video sometime soon so you have that to look forward to in the next few days! Although I am moving house this week so I can’t guarantee it’ll go up as soon as I’d like.

Finally, I’d just like to ask you all to take a look at my fundraising page where I am trying to raise a bit of money towards the costs of my first international powerlifting competition. Some very generous family and friends have already helped me to raise enough to cover my flights, which I’m ecstatic about. You can find my page here. Every little helps!


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