Sitting back

Although I handed in my last assignment for my 2nd year of uni a couple of weeks ago, the last few weeks have been some of the busiest weeks of the year! Nights out with the course mates and house mates, summer ball, visiting friends, working and trying to find time to sit back and relax in the sun have all once more meant I haven’t found the time to post as much as I would have liked. 

As the weather has turned a lot nicer, and I’ve found myself with a bit more free time and money I have found myself feeling a little restricted by the lifestyle required to be a successful powerlifter. Being invited to barbecues that I can’t attend because of training, dietary restrictions because of my weight and other such circumstances can all feel a little overbearing, especially as I am only 20 and don’t really have any other commitments. I’m trying my hardest not to feel like I am missing out, and reminding myself of the excitement I felt when I first started out and began to love powerlifting. 

Within this struggle is the struggle with my weight. Although I have been a little lax with my eating in the last week or so, I feel and look fine and am still performing well in the gym. In an ideal world this would be all that mattered to me. I weighed 54kg this morning which is non-representative of my normal weight I’d say, but it  is frustrating that I still need to keep an eye on this in the coming weeks of summer. No more seaside ice creams for me! 

Training in the last few weeks has been focusing once more on kit lifting in preparation for the British Open in July, with hypertrophy and strength training combined with kit practice. I’m into a smaller bench shirt, which is so tight that I’m still struggling to get the bar down to my chest. Although very uncomfortable and difficult to deal with at the moment, it’ll hopefully bring me some big numbers. 

With my squats I have been working on a different position; slightly wider stance, sitting back into the suit and keeping my chest up to try and avoid the crumpling that was going on at heavier weights before. With about a month before my next competition, I’m confident that I’ll be able to sort this issue but it might mean my numbers don’t climb as much as I’d like. 

Again, with deadlfts I am working on my form. Not a position change, but really focusing on pulling my scapula back at the bottom of the lift so I have minimal straightening to do upon lockout. I can feel an improvement already, so I’m hoping the British record of 130kg isn’t too far out of my reach now!

MMA and jujitsu have been a little disheartening over the last few weeks, having been inconsistent during the competition period, I came back and felt so far behind everyone again, but I’m sure if I keep going every week I’ll be back on form again in no time. 

A little while ago a new friend of mine worked on a  radio package to do with health and fitness, in which she interviewed me about my healthy lifestyle. You can have a listen to it here. I have included it as I think now is a particularly good time to remind myself of my own advice to other people with regards to motivation and drive, as I feel a bit lacking in both. One of the things I mentioned during the interviews, and above, but that didn’t appear in the package is trying to keep the excitement of when you first started out, which is something I need to keep in mind at the moment; stay stoked! 



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