Again, I can only apologise for my lack of posts, but with my second year of uni drawing to a close, and my final big assessment due in tomorrow my focus has understandably needed to be elsewhere.

Training in the last few days has been a little different. Got back into training on Thursday with a bench session. I tried out a different bench shirt, a lot tighter than the one I currently wear, so worked on getting the bar down as low as possible. Worked up to 70kg but didn’t get the bar anywhere near my chest, which suggests I could get some big numbers out of it! It’s a very different experience than the other shirt, as the neck of it tends to press on my neck when bringing the bar down, making it a lot more uncomfortable. Something I will have to get used to, I am sure. Finished the session with 6 sets of 8 reps, 3 sets at 40kg and 3 sets at 42.5kg. Doing 8 reps on my best lift in my first competition is a great feeling.

Friday was interesting, as I decided to do some olympic lifting. It had been months since I’d done any and really fancied getting a sweat on. I was absolutely soaked after my ‘warm-up’ (work-out) of power clean, front squat, jerk, back squat, jerk behind neck for 8 sets of 3 with only 10 seconds rest between sets. 10 seconds is really not long at all! The rest of the session involved working up to a clean and jerk max (managed to get my previous PB of 40kg, though it was very rough) and complexes focusing on front squats, finishing with a complex of 3 clean and jerks followed by a power clean and 10 front squats. Tough but super fun.

I had planned a rest day on Saturday, but after working all day then coming home to do uni work I was itching to get outdoors. I ran to the park for some hill sprints, sprinting up the hill, doing 10 pushups or decline sit-ups (alternated) then walking back down. Did this 10 times, then I did the sprint, 20 decline sit-ups, run back down, 25 decline bicycle crunches, sprint back up, 20 pushups, run back down and a plank to failure. Then a slow run home, feeling pretty darn great. It really helped to boost my productivity too, I got loads of work done afterwards.

Somehow still able to move after weightlifting and sprints, training on sunday in the dungeon consisted of another 6 sets of 8 reps but this time on squats. As I knew I was tired I started on 60kg for 2 sets, but then did 2 sets at each of 62.5kg, 65kg and 67.5kg which was tough. I was super surprised that I managed it considering how shot my legs were. Then moved onto a little kit lifting, without wraps, just to work on keeping upright at the bottom of the lift.

My legs have been surprisingly ok until this morning, where even walking is difficult! Thankfully I have a day of rest ahead, working in the library preparing for my big presentation tomorrow. Then off to MMA, where I am unlikely to be asked to squat!

After last week’s competition I have changed my diet up to include more carbs, though I’m not sure how much I’m enjoying it. Basing meals on sweet potato, brown rice and oats may be filling but is a lot less flavoursome than a high fat diet. Also, I feel fat already, and am noticing a lot more bloating than when I’m on keto. As I want to be at least a little toned for Summer Ball where I’m going to dress up as a UFC fighter, I am going to get through this lot of carbs in my fridge and go back to keto for the 9 days before. After that I will reconsider and see how my body feels best. I think the low-medium carb diet I did in January might be the best bet for me to follow on a day to day basis, with full keto for competition prep. It’s all about experimenting and seeing what works best for me.


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