Such a weirdly proud feeling hanging out my freshly sugar-washed kit to get nice and crispy in the sun! Managing to get my weight down slowly slowly so need my kit as tight as possible. It would seem my bench shirt is doing its job already though; managed a cheeky PB yesterday morning…

Training was in the morning as it was Good Friday, had a really tough bench session down at the track. Warmed up to 45kg raw then put my shirt on for more warm ups at 50kg, 55kg, 60kg and some toughies at 65kg and 67.5kg. My coach really had me working hard under stress, with 70kg the bar I did a strict press, then immediately shaped up and did 65kg, and again for 60kg and 55kg. One after the other; immediate. More than anything my quads were on fire after the tough conditioning and deadlift sessions earlier in the week. Never have I known my legs so much in a bench session!

Next my coach was so so sneaky, he had be ready to do the same thing again which I completed with a lot of effort and some weird noises, but he’d sneakily got the loaders to put 72.5kg on the bar! Just goes to show it’s all in the head…I had no idea it was a PB attempt so I just went in same as normal and I got it, and more!

Finished the session with a couple more strict presses, attempting 75kg but only getting it with a little help from my coach. All of this was with a super tired body, so I think I’ve definitely got more in the bag. Really exhausting session, left me needing a nap which I’ve never needed after bench before. Was definitely happy to have a rest day today!

Been a little bit sneaky today myself and hidden some chocolate eggs around my housemate’s rooms… Unfortunately I can’t have any myself as I’m really determined to get into the 52kg class, but I love to treat other people so hopefully they appreciate the work of the house Easter bunny… 🙂 Happy Easter everyone! I’m hoping Easter Sunday will bring me some big squats!




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