Finished my final preparatory sessions on Monday and Tuesday, just rehearsing squat and bench up to openers. I’m looking to open squat with 77.5kg,  bench with 47.5kg and deadlift with 97.5kg. They seem low and easy to me, but my coach assures me that getting my first lift in easy is paramount. From there I’m planning to go 82.5kg, 52.5kg and 105kg for my second lifts, then see from there. It might be that I just hit my training PB’s. but if there’s a winning total on the line I’ll be sure to try for a new PB! All very exciting!

This evening has involved a lot of cooking and preparation, as you can see from the picture above I’ve got a lot of food to prepare and pack! Leaving the fresher stuff until tomorrow morning then relying on cool bags and a mini fridge to keep it all fresh until lifting on Saturday. Being on a strict diet is such effort at times, but I’ll be damned if I move up a weight class. Weighed 52.5kg yesterday and 53kg this morning so need to be extra careful.

Even with all this organisation I’m so worried I’m going to forget something vital….



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