I’m finally starting to feel a little better, and a lot more human. I’m managing to do more in the day without being absolutely exhausted, so things are looking up!

Training on Friday was both successful and frustrating, another short session just working up to a max deadlift. Surprised myself once more by getting up to 102.5kg, just 5kg short of my PB, which went up easily. Attempted my comp PB of 107.5kg but missed it as the bar rolled away from me slightly. Frustrating, but my coach assures me I will hit 110kg in competition!

Training today was again both successful and frustrating. Squatting up to a max; my recent PB of 85kg which felt easy. Attempted 87.5kg but missed it. I think I went in thinking I needed to do something different as it was a larger weight but I really didn’t. Just needed to be consistent and I would’ve got it. Another squat session on Tuesday which will be my last one before comp, so I’ll see what I can do then.

Another improvement is my weight. Even-lower-carbing has got me down to 53.1kg this morning. Just a little way to go for Saturday, then I’ll see where I stand for the following week.


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