Rest 2

I was feeling marginally less achey yesterday, so decided to go back to training just for a short session to try and slowly get back into things. I was pleasantly surprised when I managed a warm-up of 10 reps on empty bar, but then continued to surpass my own expectations throughout the session. We planned to go up to a single rep max and call it a day. Considering how feeble I felt I was expecting maybe 45-47.5kg but I ended up absolutely smashing my PB of a shaky 52.5kg, by managing an easy 55kg! Paused! Attempted a 57.5kg but the pause was a little long and I didn’t keep my tension, but it’s definitely a potential max for competition.

Amazing what a little time off can do 🙂 I plan do deadlift for a short while again tonight, as it’s probably the last session when I can deadlift before next Saturday, so need to try and at least do something even if I’m feeling rubbish. Weight is on its way down after a couple of days of very low carbohydrate, so things seem to be improving.


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