Unfortunately I haven’t trained since Friday due to this mystery illness, went in for blood tests on Monday but still awaiting the results. Doctor reckons some sort of virus, but checking blood just to be safe. A few teammates have also suggested it could be CNS fatigue from the large amount of training I’ve been doing, but I sure am taking a long time to recover from it if that’s the case! Tried an ice bath today just in case it is CNS fatigue, nothing to lose apart from the feeling in my extremities… I managed 5-6 minutes, but had to get out when I started uncontrollably shaking. Certainly refreshing though!

Another setback is my weight; I’ve somehow managed to put on half a kilo since starting my high-fat diet, I think I got a bit cheese-happy. So after some consultation with a more experienced and nutrition-savvy member of the club I have readjusted my diet to include a little less fat and carbs and a lot more green veg to fill me up. Take 2!

So here’s what my meal plan is going to look like:

Breakfast: scrambled eggs, salmon and pak choi

Lunch: Chicken legs and baked broccoli

Afternoon snack: avocado chocolate pudding, garlic green beans

Pre-training: Tuna salad with feta, walnut oil and asparagus

Post-training: Whey protein, creamy pesto pork with courgette ‘pasta’

Evening snack: Low fat cottage cheese and casein

Again, I will post any recipes that I deem worthy for your viewing! Hopefully the reduction in carbs will help me to cut the little bit of weight to lose. I need to be under 53kg for my first competition which seems achievable, but to be under 52kg by mid-April seems a little too much of an ask. At the moment my health is the most important, so if I don’t get there I will just have to compete in the weight class above, and use the competition as experience. It’ll be my first equipped competition, so won’t be looking for an outstanding performance.

Now to continue to rest up and hopefully get back to training within the next few days, I’m getting antsy sat at home!



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