Finally saw a small shift on the scale this morning, weighed in at 53.7kg. Not ideal, but a move in the right direction. Starting high-fat low-carb diet as of tomorrow, don’t necessarily have that much to lose now, but better to be safe than sorry. And I really want some cheese…..
Quite enjoyed putting together a meal plan this morning, I love coming up with new food ideas I’ve never cooked for myself before. I’ll see how my ideas turn out and maybe post a few of my recipes if they’re nice!
So the plan (for the next week or so at least) is as follows:

Breakfast: 2 scrambled eggs with salmon and pak choi

Lunch: Chicken thighs/drumsticks with baked garlic broccoli and a portion of nuts

Afternoon:  Red leicester courgette fritters and avocado chocolate pudding (without honey)

Pre-training: Roast pork with roast green beans, leek and apple

Post-training: Protein shake, banana pancake made with 1 egg and 1/4 cup of oats

Evening snack: low-fat cottage cheese and casein

I’m interested to see how my planned recipes turn out, especially the courgette fritters. At the moment they’re all just ideas in my head, but I think they should turn out nice!


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