First time squatting raw in quite a while last night felt really strange, definitely a whole different ballgame to kit squatting. Took me a while to get into it, it felt really weird getting to the bottom of the squat and actually having to work to get out of the ‘hole’, but I got there in the end and had a good session of sets of 4. Started off at 70kg, then several sets at 74kg (we had random 2kg weights lying about so had to use them), and my final two sets at 76.5kg, a personal best. Finished the session with a few singles in kit, up to 107.5kg which felt really easy so I’m looking to surpass my PB of 112.5kg sometime soon.
Getting up for yoga at 5:30 this morning was a bit of a mission after the effort I put in last night, but I managed to get there and do the session. My body is definitely getting better at cooling itself down and I’m feeling an improvement in the depth of my stretches, even if I was particularly stiff this morning. Ended up crawling back into bed for an hour when I’d got home and had breakfast, but I had no real deadlines today, and knew I needed to be fresh for deadlifts tonight so it didn’t matter too much.
Training tonight was successful; didn’t do much deadlift as I’d planned, my legs were shot from yesterdays session so did 10 sets of 3 reps at just 65kg (60% of my PB), but with only a minutes rest between each set. A minute goes by really quickly when you’re resting!
Worked on the bench for the rest of my session, doing heavy doubles. Went from 45kg all the way up to 52.5kg; a personal best. Then ended the session with a big one: a touch-and-go 55kg! FInally working with more than my bodyweight, and I couldn’t be happier!

Edit: so reading through my posts it would appear I PB’d 55kg t&g on Tuesday but somehow forgot about it… still pleased!


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