Like most women, my weight fluctuates. Unlike the majority of women, I compete in a sport with weight classes”

I was reading this article on bodyweight this morning and found it particularly pertinent to my life at the moment. Weighing in at 54.3kg this morning I’m a little frustrated with my bodyweight at the moment to say the least.

At my first competition back in November I weighed 51.8kg after breakfast and just under a litre of water, so I was probably more like 50.8kg. How I long to be that small again; with visible abs and shoulder muscles. Now, at 54kg I feel like a whale in comparison and it’s hard to remind myself that I have a lot more muscle now and I can also lift a hell of a lot more.

“I have to remind myself the extra weight makes me stronger.”

Sometimes I wish I wasn’t so invested in powerlifting; I could reduce my calorie intake, up my cardio and get back to the leanness I enjoyed previously. But with performance in mind, I can’t afford to reduce my calories to any significant extent else I risk losing muscle and thus reducing the amount of weight I can handle on the bar.

“I fantasize daily about not caring what I weigh, that I could just train and eat and live without stress.”

Powerlifting has definitely helped me to love my body, it may be marginally larger or wobblier in areas than the ideal I dream of, and the lean body I achieved in the summer, but I’m strong and powerful. This body can do so many things that it couldn’t do previously.

However, with this in mind I do need to lose just over a kilo to get into my weight class! As the weight isn’t shifting as quickly as I’d like (or at all….), and with no guarantee of how much weight I’ll drop when I stop creatine, I’m thinking of switching my diet up a little sooner than planned, I will see how my weight is faring on the weekend/beginning of next week, and if I’m not on track I’ll start my high-fat plan. We shall see!


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