It’s annoying that a video I wanted to upload of me deadlifting is set to private on Facebook so I can’t share it and had to post this video instead…
It’s annoying how a girl in the weight class below me who hasn’t been lifting long is catching me up fast with her deadlift…
It’s annoying how close I am to my bodyweight bench…
It’s annoying how I’m still 54kg despite not feeling as fat and being more careful with my diet…
All slightly annoying, but not enough to dampen my spirits! I’ve still got a month until competition; enough time to lose weight, increase my lifts and prepare. I’m looking forward to the month ahead of training, I haven’t tested my raw 1 rep maxes in quite a while and think I must have improved, so looking forward to seeing what I can do. Training last night was taxing; pulled in kit 8 sets of 3 at 90kg, finishing with a single at 100kg and another at 105kg. Both were tough after the working sets so we left it at that. The bar I used was super rough, so my hands are feeling it more than anywhere else today!
After a short day at work today I had a little snack (pear, nuts and oatcakes with cashew butter) but still had a craving for something sweet. I saw this recipe for Chickpea Blondies which intrigued me, but thought it dangerous to make something with 16 servings! Definitely one to try another day.
Instead I opted for this Chocolate Avocado Chia Pudding recipe I’d had my eye on for quite a while. I modified it for 2 servings, used less honey, a little cashew butter in place of the coconut oil and added in a scoop of chocolate casein. The result was decadent, rich and creamy. I think I could serve it to anyone and they wouldn’t know it was healthy! I saved my second portion for tomorrow, as I think I will need it after squats, but boy was it hard leaving half! I wanted to eat it all! Definitely worth a try guys.


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