Busy busy busy last few days; couldn’t get to training on Tuesday as I went to Southampton to see a pal, so I went to my back-up gym to train. Had a deadlift session planned but a niggly lower back directed me toward a generic back session of pull-ups, lat pull-downs, seated rows, high rows and pull-up holds. Nothing too taxing which was probably wise considering how hard I’d worked the previous two days.

Had a fantastic time in Southampton, I laughed more than I have in months and just had a generally fun time eating pancakes, chatting, watching films and laughing. Couldn’t have asked for a better escape. It also marked the start of my weight-control month; these next two weeks will be continuing with my carb-based diet then the following two weeks I will be going into my fat-based diet in order to cut a little weight for competition. Haven’t weighed myself this week but I definitely feel on track and like I won’t have too much to lose. The main thing for this month will be no alcohol, which will be easy enough for me. 

Back in Bournemouth on Wednesday for a tough but not insane MMA session working around mount; getting into mount from standing, getting out of mount from the ground and finishing the session with a short roll. Very proud of being able to get a few submissions!

Training last night in the dungeon after 6 hours of lectures, worked with 8 sets of 3 on the bench, getting up to 50kg on my top sets, a PB! Ended the session with some strict bench, which I haven’t done in ages. Got 50kg paused easy, another PB, which I was pleased with. Missed 52.5kg twice, getting it off my chest but stalling, which was expected at the end of a session, frustrating but also motivating. I need that bodyweight bench!

Tried an early bikram session this morning, getting up at 5:30 for a 6:30 session. Haven’t been up that early in months, but I’d had an early night so it wasn’t too hard to get out of my warm bed. I didn’t want to eat a full meal so close to the session, but didn’t want to do it on an empty stomach for fear of passing out, so I had half an avocado, a spoonful of cashew butter and a ryvita. Staved off the hunger pangs and fuelled my session, and I was still nice and hungry afterwards for my porridge and fruit. The session itself was my best one yet, I was able to move deeper into every pose and left me feeling energised and relaxed. Looking forward to going again! Definitely noticing improvements in my back, but the tightness is still there, so I’m off to the chiro now to get it all checked out. 



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