Now that’s a number I like to see.



I’m finally starting to feel a little better, and a lot more human. I’m managing to do more in the day without being absolutely exhausted, so things are looking up!

Training on Friday was both successful and frustrating, another short session just working up to a max deadlift. Surprised myself once more by getting up to 102.5kg, just 5kg short of my PB, which went up easily. Attempted my comp PB of 107.5kg but missed it as the bar rolled away from me slightly. Frustrating, but my coach assures me I will hit 110kg in competition!

Training today was again both successful and frustrating. Squatting up to a max; my recent PB of 85kg which felt easy. Attempted 87.5kg but missed it. I think I went in thinking I needed to do something different as it was a larger weight but I really didn’t. Just needed to be consistent and I would’ve got it. Another squat session on Tuesday which will be my last one before comp, so I’ll see what I can do then.

Another improvement is my weight. Even-lower-carbing has got me down to 53.1kg this morning. Just a little way to go for Saturday, then I’ll see where I stand for the following week.

Rest 2

I was feeling marginally less achey yesterday, so decided to go back to training just for a short session to try and slowly get back into things. I was pleasantly surprised when I managed a warm-up of 10 reps on empty bar, but then continued to surpass my own expectations throughout the session. We planned to go up to a single rep max and call it a day. Considering how feeble I felt I was expecting maybe 45-47.5kg but I ended up absolutely smashing my PB of a shaky 52.5kg, by managing an easy 55kg! Paused! Attempted a 57.5kg but the pause was a little long and I didn’t keep my tension, but it’s definitely a potential max for competition.

Amazing what a little time off can do 🙂 I plan do deadlift for a short while again tonight, as it’s probably the last session when I can deadlift before next Saturday, so need to try and at least do something even if I’m feeling rubbish. Weight is on its way down after a couple of days of very low carbohydrate, so things seem to be improving.


Unfortunately I haven’t trained since Friday due to this mystery illness, went in for blood tests on Monday but still awaiting the results. Doctor reckons some sort of virus, but checking blood just to be safe. A few teammates have also suggested it could be CNS fatigue from the large amount of training I’ve been doing, but I sure am taking a long time to recover from it if that’s the case! Tried an ice bath today just in case it is CNS fatigue, nothing to lose apart from the feeling in my extremities… I managed 5-6 minutes, but had to get out when I started uncontrollably shaking. Certainly refreshing though!

Another setback is my weight; I’ve somehow managed to put on half a kilo since starting my high-fat diet, I think I got a bit cheese-happy. So after some consultation with a more experienced and nutrition-savvy member of the club I have readjusted my diet to include a little less fat and carbs and a lot more green veg to fill me up. Take 2!

So here’s what my meal plan is going to look like:

Breakfast: scrambled eggs, salmon and pak choi

Lunch: Chicken legs and baked broccoli

Afternoon snack: avocado chocolate pudding, garlic green beans

Pre-training: Tuna salad with feta, walnut oil and asparagus

Post-training: Whey protein, creamy pesto pork with courgette ‘pasta’

Evening snack: Low fat cottage cheese and casein

Again, I will post any recipes that I deem worthy for your viewing! Hopefully the reduction in carbs will help me to cut the little bit of weight to lose. I need to be under 53kg for my first competition which seems achievable, but to be under 52kg by mid-April seems a little too much of an ask. At the moment my health is the most important, so if I don’t get there I will just have to compete in the weight class above, and use the competition as experience. It’ll be my first equipped competition, so won’t be looking for an outstanding performance.

Now to continue to rest up and hopefully get back to training within the next few days, I’m getting antsy sat at home!


Time off

Deadlifting on Thursday was unsuccessful. I felt fine before training, but by the time I got there I had a headache and felt a bit achey allover, which I put down to brain freeze from the cold wind and the achiness from sitting down for 6 hours at Uni. However, when it came to the lifting warm-up weights felt heavy and 80kg felt like trying for a PB. It wasn’t good and I couldn’t work out what was happening. I tried some empty bar squats and going back down to 60kg to warm me up a bit, but it just wasn’t happening. So I did a couple of 2 and 3 rep sets at 80kg then headed home with a headache and a lot of frustration. Headache and achiness continued into the evening but by Friday morning I was fine.
Opted out of early yoga due to my displeasing deadlift session, so just had squats in the evening. Once more I was fine all day, but at training I had a slight headache and quite painful joints, like the joint-aching of flu. Still managed to squat a raw PB of 85kg, but still didn’t feel 100%. By the time I got home I was hurting all over and feeling really emotional. After some discussion with my coach, I’ve been prescribed the next 3 days off training and exercise, which slightly thwarts my hiking plans for this weekend.
Exercise is seeming to be the trigger for my malaise, as I felt under the weather this morning but my symptoms really came about again after a brisk walk to the shop and cycle into work. While at work I was fine, and I feel relatively ok now, but still not 100%. It’s all very strange! I think if I was getting ill I’d be feeling rubbish constantly, not on and off…
Another concern would be my diet but I’ve definitely been eating enough (and maybe more than enough judging by the number on the scale this morning 😦 ) and I don’t know of any aspects of a high fat diet that would cause these symptoms?
So I shall see how the rest time treats me, it seems like the right thing to do at the moment. I just hope I don’t get too bored!



I’ve been super busy this week with Uni, training and work so I haven’t been posting as much as I would like. Though it seems in my absence people have been liking what I’ve posted, as I’ve now reached 50 followers! Having only started this blog just over a month ago, I can’t quite believe that 50 strangers are regularly seeing and reading what I post! It’s actually quite exciting, so thank you all! 🙂
Currently at Uni for 6 hours of health promotion lectures, so only have time for a quick post. Just wanted to share my recipe for baked broccoli, nothing groundbreaking and like the courgette fritters I’m sure there are tonnes of similar recipes out there, but this is what I did:

Makes enough for 4 servings

  • 1-2 rashers bacon
  • 2 cloves garlic
  • 30g butter
  • 3 florets broccoli

Chop the broccoli into large chunks and place in a large oven dish. Slice the bacon into small pieces (I did rough centimetre chunks) and distribute evenly through the broccoli. Chop the garlic finely, or crush (I chopped) and sprinkle over the dish. Finally, slice the butter thinly and place sporadically over the broccoli, as this will melt while cooking. Bake at 200°C for roughly 40 minutes until slightly blackened and soft, mixing once during cooking. Enjoy!

Fat: Day 1


Thoroughly enjoyed my first day of my high-fat diet, had my salmon and eggs breakfast then roast pork before training (have to switch things around a bit on a sunday, as training is in the morning). After training I did deviate a little; had my protein shake, and a banana pancake with just 1 egg and 1 banana but I also had a beef pasty I’ve been saving for squat day. Thought it best to eat it before my diet gets seriously underway, and I guess the carbs probably didn’t go amiss after the morning’s exertions. A few chocolate bananas with my afternoon cup of tea but shhhh… don’t tell anyone.
I find the best way to avoid naughty food is to not have it in the house, and I no longer have anything to tempt me, so it’s all clean from here on!
Made my courgette fritters this afternoon, which were delicious. A very simple recipe, nothing new; I’m sure there are tons of varieties about the internet but here’s the ones I made:

  • 3 courgettes, grated
  • 100g red leicester cheese, grated
  • 1 egg
  • Butter for frying

Simply combine the ingredients and fry in small balls. They take a couple of minutes on each side on a medium heat. Of course you could add grated onion, garlic and various other herbs or seasoning, but I wanted to keep the flavours quite basic.
Simple and tasty.

Just had a small plate of baked broccoli and chicken pieces, wasn’t that hungry after my afternoon of munching. Yummy and filling. The baked broccoli was something new I’d tried, will post a recipe at some point.

So day 1 was mixed in terms of success, but yummy!