First session of Bikram yoga yesterday was a new and exciting experience. I knew I was going to sweat and I prepared myself both mentally and physically, but I had no idea what it would actually feel like to drip sweat from every inch of my body for 90 minutes. Right from the start I didn’t even bother wiping the sweat as I knew it would just keep on coming. The session itself was more fast-paced than I was expecting and more focused on stretching further into the poses than relaxing into them, which was unexpected but a nice change from other yoga classes I’ve been to.
The feeling in my body throughout is only comparable to having a too-hot bath, in that I felt a little dizzy at times (less than expected though), I was hot and flustered and I could feel my heartbeat quite prominently throughout. There was only one point that I felt like I wanted to leave and that was in a moment of rest between poses. When I was concentrating on the poses it was easy to almost forget the raging heat.

I drank about a litre of water throughout and this was just enough, think I will be taking more next time. At times I felt a little hungry but I think this might have been dehydration as after I’d rehydrated post-session I felt a lot less hungry. Cycling home was a mission, I wasn’t muscularly tired, but just generally fatigued. After lunch and a short chill on the sofa I had a little nap, which only helped a little to relieve my feeling of fatigue.

Went to training which I maybe shouldn’t have done after my first session, but I want to get my body used to this added stressor. Coach had me deadlifting which was tough on my tired body. Though as he pointed out, sometimes sessions where you’re not fresh and have to work really hard are often more important than those where you feel great and get the work done easy. Deadlifting in my suit, warmed up to 90kg then did several sets of 3 reps between 90kg and 105kg. Very tough and made me very weary. I even failed a few of the lifts and had to drop the weight down for the next rep.

Finished up the session with a go in a bench shirt donated to the club by a previous member. Possibly the same shirt as the one I’d tried previously, but being used it was a little looser. It seemed to suit me better as I was able to get correct positioning better, and managed to get 65kg down onto my chest with a little more ease than the other shirt. Trying a slightly looser shirt today, but I think the one I tried yesterday may be the one I compete in.


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