Enjoyed a lovely hour-long stroll along the beach today after my lecture, the first time I’ve ever actually been down to the beach by myself. Definitely going to make it a regular occurrence, it was so nice just to enjoy the sunshine and have some time to myself in the great outdoors. I miss living in the countryside, sometimes just being alone in the wild is enough to simplify your problems and really keep you grounded.

MMA training tonight was sweaty but good fun; working on take down reversals, guard-passing, take downs from a guard-pass attempt and finishing off with some striking; 1-2s and knees, with some hooks and spins thrown in there too. Some new stuff and some stuff I already knew, so overall a good session.

On the chiropractor’s suggestion I am going to start doing Bikram yoga tomorrow, I’ve found an introductory offer that gives you 10 sessions over 6 weeks for only £30. This takes me up to my first and second competitions of april so should be useful to keep me in check until then. I’m very much looking forward to it, it’s something I’ve always been interested to try. I will post my experience tomorrow!
I’m hoping it will help to give me some release from my upper back stiffness which has been driving me crazy today! No amount of foam rolling and clicking is seeming to help, so I’ve booked a chiropractor appointment for next friday to get it all sorted.


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