Had the same issue today that I had last week after heavy squats: inability to stay vertical and intense desire to eat all the food. So, today I have listened to my body, spent the majority of my day in bed, and eaten whenever I felt I needed to. No junk though! Filled up on porridge, oatcakes, sweet potato and roast veg, plenty of lean protein and some delicious BBQ corn and cashew snacks that arrived in the post from the lovely people over at Graze. I’ve started getting their packages once a month, I always forget they’re coming and am always pleasantly surprised when they do! The snacks aren’t necessarily as clean as the rest of my diet is normally, but they’re a far sight better for me and tastier than anything I’d get from a local supermarket. Yum!
So after my immensely lazy day I managed to drag myself over to Bulldog for MMA grappling, the warm-up was not a pleasant ordeal on these squat-tired legs, gentle jogging was a mission, but bodyweight squats were killer!
A fun and varied session, working on various take-downs from standing. I was pleasantly surprised at my ability to lift the guys fairly easily, guess my powerlifting pays off in other areas too! Finished the session working on the guillotine; still trying to convince the guys they don’t need to be gentle with me… I might need to be a bit more gentle on myself though! In the end-of-session rolling time, I tried to escape an arm bar but ended up head butting the floor full throttle, whoops! Lost my ability to think and speak for a few moments but recovered quite quickly and got stuck in once more. A really enjoyable session!
Back to powerlifting tomorrow, hoping to try out a slightly looser bench shirt and looking forward to it.


3 thoughts on “Grazing

    • Hey as far as I know the company Graze only works in the UK, they basically send you a box of healthy snacks every week/fortnight/month. They do have other flavours of corn as you can see here: but I’ve only tried the BBQ corn! If you aren’t in the UK, you can get roast corn in most afro-asian type stores and I’m sure you could season it accordingly πŸ™‚

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