Woke up with a burst blood vessel in my eye from the pressure of the bench shirt last night, along with bruising that looks like freckles on my shoulders, and various unsightly pressure marks on my chest and arms. Almost feeling lucky to be single, don’t know any men that would be attracted to such a mess on my skin haha. Have to say I’m quite proud of the burst blood vessel in my eye, shows I’m trying! Though I have had to ask on my mum’s behalf whether my eyeballs risk explosion, but my coach assures me they don’t, but we do need to be careful.
Hard deadlift session tonight, warmed up to 70kg raw then put the wide-stance squat suit on for 80kg+. 10 singles at 85kg with 20 seconds maximum rest between lifts, followed by 8 at 90kg and 7 at 95kg with the same protocol.
All throughout I worked with my coach and another experienced lifter on rotating my scapula back during my setup, to minimise the amount I need to do so at the top of the lift (ideally none). Managed to substantially improve on this throughout the session, still not perfect yet though. Next on the improvement list is potentially setting my hips a little higher before the lift, but that’s work for another day.
Finished up the session with singles; 100kg, 105kg, 110kg and finally a PB deadlift of 115kg. Can’t beat a 5kg PB. See video above. Definitely got more in me, seeing as this was at the end of a tough session. Looking forward to seeing what I can achieve next.
Throughout the session I’ve developed some sort of tender bruised lump inside my right knee, which I think may be another pressure injury and I’ve got some more attractive bruising on my thighs where the leg of the suit was. Less bruising in my hip crease than normal, so maybe the suit is getting too loose!

Coach has started talking more and more about getting me onto an international platform, and in particular going to the Worlds in Hungary in the autumn. Doing my first equipped competition mid-april at the GBPF south-west divisional, where we’re hoping that I’ll be seen and selected. The pressure is mounting, but I’m prepared!


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