Time off

Haven’t been posting too much in the last few days, I’ve been very busy taking some much needed time to just relax with friends after months of hard work with exams and training. Lifting and MMA have taken a little bit of a backseat but I don’t think it’s necessarily too much of a bad thing, I’m happy and relaxed and I’ve found a renewed excitement for the coming 6 weeks or so of competition prep. My weight might be a bit of an issue at the moment though!
Didn’t train at all on the weekend and intended to train on monday but got to MMA and realised I didn’t have my bike lock, so had to turn back. Annoying!
My new bike arrived on tuesday and it’s a dream. Only slightly lower spec than my old bike, but being 3 years newer gives it a much smoother ride. So very grateful that my parent’s house insurance covered me.

Training on tuesday was slightly marred by ‘alcohol tiredness’ as my coach put it, but it definitely helped to alleviate my symptoms and I still got a good squat session in. Raw squatting for the first time in a while was strange but nice. Started with pre-exhaustion; 15 reps at 50kg, followed by 7 sets of 7 reps at around 62.5kg adjusting up or down as appropriate, ending with another 15 at 50kg. Finished the session with a bit of bench, a little warming up then 15 reps at 35kg, 3 at 45kg and another 3 at 47.5kg, my previous comp max. I can really feel my bench coming along, improvements in body shape and line have helped me drastically.

Last night at MMA we worked on various arm bars from side control, and ended the session with elbows and kicks. Nothing too new for me, but it was good to just go over some basics. At times I wish there were some women at training, while I do enjoy training with stronger males and I feel it must benefit me hugely, I often get paired with the younger, smaller and less experienced guys which I feel may halt my progress at times. Another MMA gym in bournemouth does have women training, but is also unfortunately a little out of my price range. Something I will just have to live with….
Looking forward to powerlifting training tonight, will post an update as soon as possible!


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