Stretching out the bar

Great bench session tonight, really feeling strong at the moment and like I’m really getting somewhere.
Got some raw work in before moving onto equipped, pre-exhausted again with 35kg for 15 then did 7 sets of 7, 2 sets at 40kg and 5 sets at 42.5kg, then another 15 at 35kg (more like a 14 and a 1 though). A tough session which definitely worked me hard, as the sweat patches on the bench would suggest! Ew!
Wriggled my way into a bench shirt with the aid of some of my lovely team mates, I’d say today was the best positioning I’ve had yet. Worked up to 65kg with a block, then moved back down to 60kg working with progressively smaller blocks. Finished up the session with 62.5kg onto my chest, didn’t quite get it down on my first attempt, but then on the second attempt I just about grazed my chest as you can see in this video.
At the end of a tough session, knackered, in pain and being choked by the neck of the shirt I’d say this was a pretty good attempt.
I’ve always been advised to try and feel like I’m ‘stretching out the bar’ when bringing it down to my chest in order to keep my elbows back and get the correct line, and I feel like I’m starting to get the hang of this now, and have it on good authority that I’m improving. Yay!
Feeling a bit battered now, got some painful bruising and sores on my arms from the shirt and a headache and eye-ache from the pressure and light choking that went on. Looking forward to my bed that’s for sure. Deadlifts tomorrow, watch this space.


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