Rainy days

Pretty unproductive day, bar going for a food shop and going to buy a new bike lock (serve me well this time!), two activities which both included me getting absolutely soaked. Managed to miss the rain on the way to training, but got drenched again on the way back. I think most of the radiators in the house are now covered in my clothing…. If this rain would stop for just long enough for me to journey somewhere in a dry manner, that would be fantastic. Getting fed up with it now!
Deadlifts at training, got a PB of 110kg, using talc up my thighs for the first time. Definitely helps, and smells so good too! Warmed up to 70kg then put my squat suit on (works for deadlifting too), then worked up to 90kg for a single. Next ‘crescendo’; singles in 10kg increments up to 100kg, then back down with the same weights but doubles. Not for the weak! Next a single at 70kg shortly followed by one at 90kg, then a single at 80kg followed by one at 100kg and finally 110kg followed by 70kg. Finished up with side bends, sit ups and wide-grip pull-ups. Didn’t even know I could do wide-grip pull-ups, so was pleased to do 10 singles! 10 in a row next! Now at home prepping food for the next few days.

Valentine’s day: the day I pulled 110kg!


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