Had a semi-productive but mostly chilled day today, no uni so had time to got the odd chore done.
Training tonight worked me hard. Bench; warmed up to one rep at 50kg (think this is a PB!) then 8 sets of 6 reps at 40kg. On sunday I did this at around 42.5kg but 40 seemed taxing enough tonight. Think I am still generally tired from squatting.
Next moved on to seated shoulder press (machine), again up to a single rep of 50kg, followed by 10,9,8,7 and 6 rep sets at 35kg, and a final 20 at 25kg. Tough. Followed this with seated rows and lat pulldowns for 3 sets of 8, at a trying but not killer weight. Coach says this upper back/lat work is to balance the pushing work on the bench, and prevent rotator cuff injury. Makes sense.
Finished up this workout with weighted pushups, only managed to get up to 20kg, but gave 25kg a good go. Quite pleased with that considering my chest and shoulders were jelly by this point. Worked with a fellow club member on this, sat on his back instead of loading him with two 25 plates. During the main bench sets another member was struggling with 35kg but finding 32.5kg too easy so we loaded 32.5 and put 3 clips on each end to add a minimal amount of weight.. it seemed to work though! Innovation at its finest!
Ended the session with a brief go in a bench shirt, still working on getting the bar down onto my chest. Worked up to 70kg onto a 2-3inch block, so definitely improving. More to come!


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