Yesterday’s squats left me in a bad way, woke up aching and exhausted. Muscularly not too sore, but tender from the wraps and suit, and mentally and generally tired from the extra stress on my central nervous system. Had to wear my loosest trousers as anything else hurt my legs too much!

After some discussion with my housemate as to whether walking or cycling into Uni would cause me the least discomfort, I decided to cycle in, bracing the 60-70mph winds here in Bournemouth. Got to Uni only to realise I didn’t have my bike lock keys with me, so had to cycle home and back again, arriving at my lecture late and knackered.

Next, disaster. Left the Uni building to walk a little way down the road to where my bike was locked, and by this point it was raining aggressively in a horizontal manner. 100m and a soaking later, I discover my wonderful road bike which has been my faithful companion for the last 3+ years has been stolen. My bike was literally my life so I couldn’t do anything but cry.

A nice lady in the Uni building gave me a cup of tea and I bought a nakd bar (rhubarb and custard, 10/10, would recommend)  to get some cash back for a taxi, but thankfully my housemate came to pick me up. The next few hours consisted of reporting the theft, trying to find a replacement bike for the meantime and feeling generally sorry for myself. Oh, and eating. Squatting left me with all the hungries.

Thankfully we’ve discovered our house insurance covers the bike even away from home, so I’m hopefully getting a replacement bike within the next week, which is absolutely fantastic news! The best possible outcome for this rubbish situation.

Whilst at Uni I was debating whether or not to got to MMA this evening due to the sorry state of my body, messaged my coach to ask his opinion and got a very nice message back. He said:

Obviously only super cruise whatever.Only a gentle session may help ..Probable that a complete rest would be best to recommend. Well done last night.You achieved more than just good numbers.You showed me you were a special person and worth the input. Well done..Paul. He who called the fourth rep.!!

So that was nice 🙂

Bike theft dictated no MMA tonight, which is probably what was best for my body. Going to try and manoeuvre myself onto a foam roller later, but for now its cottage cheese and protein mix, and sofa time!


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