Carbs: welcome back

Waking up this morning feeling groggy as anything and repulsed at the idea of getting out of bed to go to Aldi made me realise that I’ve been feeling that way more and more over the last few weeks, which is out of the norm for me. This led to the decision to introduce more carbs back into my diet this week, something I’ve been thinking about doing for a few weeks now, but hadn’t found the right time. So goodbye cheese, bacon and copious amounts of nuts, and hello to porridge, sweet potato and hopefully a little more get-up-and-go. I’ve been eating a high-fat diet since before christmas, and it worked very well in helping me drop weight for my competition in January. I think that’s why I carried it on after the competition, to try and maintain this weight loss, when I maybe should have introduced the carbs back in straight away to accommodate the ensuing higher intensity training. So I’m looking to maintain this higher carbohydrate diet for about 6 weeks, then go back to the high-fat diet in time to drop weight for April’s competitions. And hopefully maintain through April as I’m looking to do 3 competitions (!!).

Today has been pretty chilled, lots of spare time at the moment as I’m at the start of the new semester at Uni and we haven’t been set any work yet, so I had a nice morning of foam rolling and watching a few MMA fights. Then off to uni for a short lecture on food processing, all very interesting. Lecturer said that waxy maize starch has no different nutritional profile to maize starch, makes sense as starch is starch, but I wonder whether one is absorbed easier than the other? Something I will have to look into.

Before MMA had a quick phone call with a nice man from the training room (a PT and gym company) to talk about different personal training course options. Lots of good information and options for me, but financially unfeasible at the moment. Gave me a good idea of the sort of thing I’d like to do, and a financial goal for the coming year, so a positive phone call for sure. Still going to look into other options and ask around for advice though, want to get myself the best deal and training possible.

Good session at MMA, a short warm up followed by some drills doing various arm bars from guard, moving from that into mount, then working on a more complex sweep using the x-guard to then move into side control. I wish I knew the more technical terms for all of these, or was better at describing the positions!

None of this was particularly energetic so didn’t feel like I’d worked very hard. But then we did some rolling where one person starts on their back, and the other starts on their knees, and the person on the bottom had to stop the person on top from taking side control without using full or half guard, by using sweeps and guard passes. All of the energy I felt I didn’t use in the rest of the session seemed to be concentrated into those last 20 minutes, it was absolutely exhausting and painful, but so much fun! I did manage to bleed all over the mat though, a tiny knick on my leg from shaving decided to open its floodgates…

Felt a little shaky on the cycle home, a sign of a good session! Protein shake and a tuna salad for dinner, now for a chill on the sofa with my housemate watching Benefits Street. Ahh, the good life….


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