Diet plan

Training today consisted of bench, warming up then working up to a max rep onto a block (about 3-4 inch). Got up to 65kg with relative ease, which I was pleased with. Am hoping this kind of benching will help with my equipped bench, just getting used to a larger amount of weight looming above my head!
Next was 6-rep sets, started at 42.5kg to play it safe (still not confident in my ability to go heavy for reps..) then did 4 (or maybe 5) more sets at 45kg. Considering my PB at the mid-january comp was 47.5kg I’d say I’m improving quite well….Was meant to get up to 8 sets of this but unfortunately time did not allow as there were a fair few of us working on the bench. I still feel worked though, so not a problem there.

All this benching was interspersed with deadlifting in my power shoes (slight heel) which adds a little challenge as I normally deadlift in my converse (completely flat). Did 10 sumo singles at 80kg working on perfect form, then played around with conventional up to 90kg. Experimented on hip height with my coach at 80kg, again conventional, but the skills will be transferrable to my preferred method of sumo.

Neither the bench or the deadlifting session were particularly strenuous, though obviously I worked hard, but the combination of the two made for a particularly comatose and hungry Susie this afternoon! Dragging myself to the shop to get some low-fat cottage cheese was an absolute mission, but so worth it. Cottage cheese, half a scoop of protein and a teaspoon of almond butter is my absolute favourite evening snack, can’t get enough of it.

Despite my fatigue I managed to amble to my local pub to meet with my friend to talk about sorting out his diet. As this was my first time doing this sort of thing, and his too, we were a little unsure of where to start and how to go about things, but we worked well together and sorted him out a plan for the next 3 weeks.

We’ve agreed to clean up his diet a little at a time, as I think giving him a super clean diet straight away would be far too much of a jump from what he’s eating now, and completely unrealistic. Instead, we’ve worked around what he’s eating at the moment, improving aspects here and there and focussing on improving certain problem areas.

A very productive session, and great experience for me to get started doing this sort of thing. I’m fortunate to be in the position of having a friend to be my ‘guinea-pig’, as he knows I’m not going to be perfect from the outset! I definitely look forward to being able to do more of this sort of thing in the future…


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