First day

First day at my new job at Holland and Barrett today. Not being trained I wasn’t able to do much apart from greet people, fill up samples and tidy the store, so overall it was hardly a taxing day. I’m looking forward to being trained and being able to advise people on products that they may or may not need…

Slight peeve at being given my lunch break only an hour after starting my shift (and MAJOR peeve at the lunch room stinking of cigarettes), which meant my meal times were messed up a little (curse you manager!) but I’ve survived, and had a relatively carb-free day. My cookies and cream protein has arrived and it is NAUGHTY. Slightly disappointed that it doesn’t thicken yoghurt, but it tastes too good to complain about!

Today is a rest day, which is welcome after 7 days of training and waking up hurting all over. Thankfully my legs don’t hurt too much today after yesterday’s squat escapades, but I’m still grateful I live on the ground floor and don’t have stairs to contend with…

Now for an early night while my housemates all head out on the town. Resting up ready for a raw bench session tomorrow morning and meeting with a friend in the evening to talk about sorting them a diet plan.


4 thoughts on “First day

  1. Is that casein you ordered? I just bought Gold Standard cookies and cream whey today. I’m well excited to try it πŸ™‚

    • No, it was just myprotein impact whey, unfortunately my student budget doesn’t allow for gold standard at the moment! 😦 Let me know what it’s like, I’ve heard gold standard stuff is lush!

      • I had double chocolate and vanilla ice cream, both delicious πŸ™‚ I only bought this one, because I wanted it quick. I had sci-mix once and really, never gonna buy it again! I miss training!

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