Squat challenge

Good time at training tonight, started out with squats in a wide-stance squat suit, still getting to grips with doing my own knee wraps but I’m getting there! Worked in 2’s up to 90kg, starting out with straps down, then putting them up at 80kg, and adding the belt in at 90kg. Then 3 reps followed by 5 reps at 80kg. Easy.

Then onto the bench in a bench shirt I’m loosening up for a more accomplished member of the squad in the weight class above. Still not quite able to get the bar down onto my chest, and still working out the right alignment when putting the shirt on, but it’s all about experimenting and again I’m getting there! After lots of pulling and tugging to get me into it, I worked up from 40kg to 57.5kg with progressively smaller blocks on my chest, finishing with 62.5kg with no block, and got it just an inch above my chest. Broke my nice wooden earring getting the blasted shirt off, but I’m sure I’ll live.

Tried out the squat challenge that’s been going round Facebook, max reps with bodyweight on the bar in 5 minutes. Managed 52 reps at 52.5kg, but reckon I could’ve done more. My coach was there telling me when to rack to avoid too much lactic acid build-up, which I am sure I will be grateful for tomorrow! First shift at a new job standing around for 4 hours with DOMS would not be ideal…. Video to follow.

And speaking of bodyweight, I’m sure it’s a little over 52.5kg at the moment, after a lot of overindulgence over the exam period, and a little overindulgence in the form of ice-cream in Southampton last night. And let’s not mention the cookies my housemate just whipped up. A recipe I made up on the spot, and turned out amazingly, I might add.

So even though I don’t need to be under 52kg until April I think it’s time to properly get back on track with my diet, and start seeing my abs again! Need to make sure I’m patient with it, even though the weight went on in under a fortnight, sadly it’s not going to leave as quickly…


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