Chiro screening

I’ve just had a brief screening session with a chiropractor/physio, one of the many perks of having a sports scholarship from the university, to assess any weaknesses in mobility, flexibility and stability.

Apparently I scored highly in most areas, but may have some issues with rotational stability, which I am going to talk to the strength and conditioning coach about. I also may have an issue with shoulder and chest flexibility, when reaching over my shoulder and touching the opposite shoulder blade (there was a more technical term for this but I have forgotten) which is probably because I never stretch after bench! Whoops..!

He also pinpointed a stiff upper back which I’m going to blame on yesterday’s pull-ups and a 40 minute walk in the rain with a heavy backpack on…
A good experience which I can hopefully use to my advantage to become the strong and powerful beast I want to be!
Now to sit and wait for training to start….


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