Had to venture out into the terrifying world of commercial fitness this morning, as I can’t get to Barbells training tonight (going to Southampton woo!)

Deadlifting 8 sets of 2 reps at around 85kg, not too taxing but made extremely difficult by the weirdly fat and slippy bar, and being asked not to drop the weight….  I wasn’t even dropping the weight, I was placing it down, but apparently I was placing it too heavily (??) so that added another degree of difficulty to the session, trying to gently lower a 85kg barbell down onto the floor  without making too much noise while it’s slipping from your sweaty fingers (no chalk allowed!).

Deadlifts followed by 3×5 chin-ups (still not confident with wide-grip pull-ups), lat pulldowns, rows, side bends and an ab routine. Not too bad a session, despite my deadlifts being interrupted to be told off and for a second time to be told that the weight was heavy…umm… . yes…. thank you…. that was the idea….

Was kind of hoping my cookies and cream protein would have arrived by the time I got back, but alas no such luck. Had to make do with apple and raspberry protein and waxy maize starch, followed by a delicious lunch of scrambled egg, smoked salmon and pak choi…. mmm!


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